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Angelica Distillate

Angelica Distillate


Use this excellent angelica distillate as a base for your gin.

The Loki Library is a range of gin botanicals that are distilled on their own. These botanicals have been carefully distilled with pure GNS to create the pure taste of each individual botanical. Use them for your recipe development or even for adding more flavor to a distilled gin.

Each botanical is individually distilled in 30% ABV and bottled at 71% ABV. All cut points are the same, 91 degrees C. The amounts of botanicals used are based on the famous iStill Botanical Bill, that has helped to create dozens of award winning gins. You can use the different botanicals to easily blend a new recipe and transcribe this into a botanical bill for distilling. The bottles are sized at 1 liter and easy to use without dripping.

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